It's time to head in the right direction

Hiring a full-stack engineer helps you march faster. Full system development ensures you're building the right thing with the right tools -- it's a force multiplier for your organization instead of an incremental add-on.

U-Turn has honed the full system development approach over two decades from companies large and small. Our mission is always to work on only the most critical problems. Focus and alignment allow us to achieve unexpected outcomes quickly and with fewer people.


Dudley Carr

Dudley Carr

Wes Carr

Wes Carr

  • Design and technical leadership
  • Front-end architecture
  • Software engineering best practices
  • Project driver
  • linkedin.com/in/wescarr


We take projects from start to finish. Our focus is to assess, collaborate, navigate, and execute while nurturing internal teams to succeed.

  • Software, systems, and data architecture
  • Front-end architecture
  • Build vs. buy
  • Hands-on development
  • Distill and communicate challenges and opportunities
  • Software and operational best practices
  • Team structure and development

Expertise in practice

  • Moz Analytics

    Turned around a failed flagship product rewrite, unable to launch due to scope and execution issues. Launched product 4 months after taking over engineering efforts.

  • Moz Local

    Led the effort to build a new line of business in 2 years into a $10M/yr business.

  • Prep Sportswear

    Restructured a massive e-commerce site and engineering team in less than 12 months. Within 12 months, it reversed three years of revenue decline and put the business on the path to resuming 60+% growth year over year.

  • Vintage Brand

    Concurrent with restructuring PrepSportswear, we created a parallel e-commerce platform ingesting sports memorabilia and on-demand producing merchandise for sports enthusiasts.

  • COVID Trace

    Created a digital contact tracing app at the pandemic's start within five weeks. Nevada launched the COVID Trace app in partnership with Apple and Google, becoming one of the first states to spearhead digital contact tracing. We helped Nevada become the first jurisdiction in the world to have both an app and use the Android/iOS operating system exposure notifications side-by-side when it became apparent to us that was the best option.



As CEO of a growing middle-market e-commerce company, I sought a technology expert to evaluate our legacy proprietary technology platform. The U-Turn team evaluated, recommended, and implemented a plan to stabilize our platform, rebuild, optimize, and hand it off to our internal team of developers and network engineers to maintain. The U-Turn team is composed of knowledgeable technology veterans capable of communicating complex strategies across the entire organization.

I would highly recommend the U-Turn team and their services to anyone seeking to improve website performance, increase organic search traffic, and optimize the overall consumer experience. Their leadership, vision, knowledge, and management resulted in 62% revenue growth over the succeeding two-year period.

Our project was much more complex than anticipated and would never have been attempted, let alone completed and delivered, if not for the U-Turn strategy and vision. The team really appreciates the time, effort, patience, and leadership U-Turn provided to complete, deliver, and hand off this critical project.

Chad Hartvigson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Prep Sportswear